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Product Features

・Temperature adjustment: 60-230℃  

・Dehydration: 60-70℃        

・Inner cavity light  

・Stainless Steel heaters

・Heat resistant tempered glass  

・Completed prompt tone  

・Heat evenly with convection     

・Rotisseries function: make crispy food 

・Independent heat selection: upper/ lower/ upper & lower   

・120 mins Timer & “Stay on” Function  

・Top swirl heat flow technology for good air frying effect

・Large zinc cavity can roast a whole chicken, 4 slices of bread or 11-inch pizza 

・Can make bread, pizza, cakes, grill, cookies, dried fruits, French fries, popcorn... etc. 

・Accessories: Enamel tray, Air fryer basket, Tray handle, Crumb tray, Rotisseries fork, Rotisseries handle 

Product Info

・Capacity: 20 liters

・Rated voltage: 220-240V~50-60Hz

・Rated power: 1650W

・Product size: 376 * 349 * 387mm

・Product weight: 7.7 KG

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