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Purple-clay as best cooking ware

Product Feature

・Natural Purple-clay: No non-stick coating, metal or chemical composition etc.

(Passed the USA FDA food-grade standard and the materials complied with EU standard)

Rich iron, Trace minerals, Far-infrared: Break-down fat, Ripen evenly and Higher pH level;

・Permeable by gas: keep fresh

・Medium-fire cooking, Evaporate less, Timer: Easy to use & control Original taste

・Electronic controlled: Stable temperature, the Best use for Purple-clay ware

・LED Control Panel: Varieties of cooking

・Double lids, keep heat and tasteful

・Cooking functions: Rice, clay pot rice, rich soup, stew, porridge, baby porridge, stew meat, sweet soup

・Preset timer and Keep-warm function 

・Timer: up to 9 hours with delay start function (up to 12 hrs)

・Heat transmitted efficiently by shielded-spring heater & sensor technology

・Detachable socket, easy to move

Product Info

・Capacity: 1.4-liter (rice) / 4.0-liter (soup)

・Power: 700W   220-240V~ 50-60Hz

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