Brand: LoyoLa
Product Code: LD2012
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Product Feature

・Dehumidify Capacity: 6.5L/24hours (27℃,60%)

・Dehumidify Capacity: 11.8L/24h (30℃,80%)

・Full Water Quantity: 2L

・Noise: ≤36dB(A)

・With Ionizer

・Power Consumption: 156W(27℃,60%)

・Rolling piston compressor enables lower noise

・Three-Minute Automatic Delay Protection of the Compressor

・Tank Full Auto Stop

・Continuous Drainage

・LED Display

・Humidity Control(20%-95%)

・Auto Restart and auto stop

・Dry Clothes Function

・Smart modes

Product Info

・Body Size: 280 x 200 x 500mm

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