Detachable multi-function cooker - NM2912
Product Feature・Detachable design, easy to take・Die-cast aluminium heating plate, heat distribute ev..
 Hand Blender (Safety lock) - NB8800
Product Feature・DC motor・With safety lock・Ergonomic handle・Speed adjustable button・Variable speed di..
2 in 1 air fryer oven (Green) - NT4820G
Product Feature・Temperature adjustment: 60-230℃  ・Dehydration: 60-70℃      ..
2 in 1 air fryer oven (White) - NT4820W
Product Features・Temperature adjustment: 60-230℃  ・Dehydration: 60-70℃     ..
9” Table Circulation Fan - DF4092
Product FeatureSuper strong wind3D stereo blower (up and down manual / left and right auto swing)3-..
Cordless UV mite cleaner - NV2203
Product Feature・UVC light can kill 99.9%harmful bacteria・UVC light has a safe automatic shutdown fun..
Electric Glass Kettle - NK2174
Product Feature・Blue LED light・Boil-dry protection・ UK Strix thermostat・SUS304 stainless steel heati..
Electric Multi-Thermo Pot - NA9402
Product Feature・Auto-boiling and Keep-warm・Instant Re-boil select (100℃)・4 Keep-warm levels : 70℃ (m..
Foldable Travel Multi-Cooker (Green) - NC7101G
 (Auto dual voltage)Product Feature・Foldable style for easy travel・Auto Dual voltage for global..
Foldable Travel Multi-Cooker (Pink) - NC7101P
 (Auto dual voltage)Product Feature・Foldable style for easy travel・Auto Dual voltage for global..
Ions Dehumidifier - ND2022
Product Feature・22 litres dehumidification (80% humidity at 30℃)・Ions sterilization function・Cold ca..
Keep-warm Coreless Kettle - NK5172
Product Feature・40-55-70-85C° Tempt control on the handle・Different Temperature indicators in colour..
Non Stick Electric Multi Cooker - NM2930
Product Feature・Multi-purposes: Shabu Shabu, soup, steam, cook & fry・Non-stick coating pot &..
Portable Folding Garment Steamer - NG6101
Product Feature・Fast heating time within 30 seconds・Steam injection rate up to 20g/min・With aromathe..
Simple Cooler& Heater - NE8202
Product Feature・Heating (High / Low)・Cooling (High / Med / Low)・Automatic air supply left and right&..
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